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Bisnow NY's Fifth Birthday

New York

September 2008 always will be known for two major events that changed the face of real estate: the Lehman Brothers collapse and the launch of Real Estate Bisnow NY. If we can make it here, we can make it anywhere. And if not, well, let us eat cupcakes, as illustrated by Bisnow's Bryce Nielsen. We also asked you, our readers, where you spent your birthdays.


Durst's Brandl Frey and her boyfriend (now fiance!) Igor Radovitskiy were all about ABC Kitchen, which we snapped moments ago, on 18th Street due north of Union Square Park. Pro tips: "Order whatever toast they have that is in season, whether it be crab toast, kabocha squash toast, ramp toast, etc." And she always orders the line-caught tuna sashimi (totally different taste then net-caught, we presume) marinated with ginger and mint. Brandl also recommends ABC Cocina. Moral of the story? We need to check them out. Maybe for the big sixth!