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5 Reasons You Should Become A Bisnow Event Producer

New York

Commercial real estate is about storytelling. From the architectural design of the world’s most iconic high-rises to the tenants who occupy those spaces, every property starts with a conversation about how the building fits into a vision of where the industry is headed. 

Multifamily, fueled by a growing population of renters and a return to urban centers, has become one of the most dynamic stories in the industry. From shifting rent growth to smart building technology, where and how we live is in flux. 

Bisnow event producers drive those conversations. Leveraging a combination of in-depth market knowledge, creativity and strong entrepreneurial spirit, producers put key decision-makers in the same room for thoughtful, cutting edge talks on the latest trends shaping the market. 

Here are five reasons becoming a Bisnow multifamily event producer will keep your finger on the pulse of CRE.

1. Drive Multifamily Discussions On A National Level

Bisnow is the largest CRE media outlet in North America, Canada and the U.K. Its international scope allows it to reach a broad audience of industry professionals, and touch on multifamily trends impacting the people all around the world. Multifamily event producers curate full-day events, giving them the platform to highlight the most pressing topics impacting the asset class. 

2. Curate Conversations With Influential Industry Leaders

Commercial real estate movers and shakers attend Bisnow multifamily events. Event producers develop strong relationships with well-known, powerful multifamily executives. Interacting with high-powered speakers leads to stronger events and deeper insight on the market that could not be gained from conversations with mom-and-pop players. 

3. Explore New Trends And Markets 

Have a hunch about the next hottest multifamily market? Know the next great issue impacting the multifamily market? Produce an event. Bisnow relies on its event producers to come to the table with fresh ideas and to stay on the cutting-edge of market trends.

4. Take Creative Ownership 

Event producers have control over the event’s theme, subtopics and narrative. Want to hold an event on how developers are building secret passageways? Bisnow offers the creative freedom to tell that story. 

For commercial real estate professionals at the early stages of their careers, the production role presents a rare opportunity to take full responsibility for a product, from initial topic to the final list of speakers. It is up to the event producer to leverage multifamily knowledge to craft events worth attending. There is no handholding. 

5. Build A Product From The Ground Up

All Bisnow team members, from sales representatives to branded content writers, play a role in building their departments. As a producer, you would have the opportunity to lay the foundation for a future series of multifamily events. By taking ownership of the process, producers complete each event with a body of work they can be proud of and a toolbox of best practices to use for the next event. Those without entrepreneurial spirit need not apply. 

Think you have what it takes to join Bisnow’s fast-paced, dynamic team of event producers in New York City? Email Nicole Caracci your résumé.