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PODCAST: Affordable Housing Experts Weigh In On Biden's Housing Action Plan

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Community Preservation Corp. President Rafael Cestero and Monadnock Development's Kirk Goodrich

Last week, the Biden administration released its Housing Action Plan, a collection of policies and initiatives aimed at closing the country's housing supply shortfall in half a decade.

As part of the plan, President Joe Biden is trying to encourage local governments to reduce single-family zoning, which has been cited as a restriction on housing supply and a key cause of the affordability crisis. 

On this episode, we hear from Community Preservation Corp. CEO Rafael Cestero and Monadnock Development President Kirk Goodrich, who are friends and business partners and co-host a podcast called The Housing Problem, which is aimed at improving the tenor around housing in New York City.

"I think it's important for the president to take a leadership position. He has a bully pulpit, I think. Affordable housing is a priority, and to have somebody in leadership not only indicate it's a priority but actually have the beginnings of the right prescriptions to deal with, we have to have that, and I think that's important,” Goodrich said. “I think the problem is the trickle-down and the politics of agreeing on different elements of it, and the volume of commitments and priorities is where things grind to a halt.”