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Video of the Day: Crowdfunding Platforms Expected to Bring in $2.57B This Year

New platforms are key to real estate crowdfunding's current success, which raised over $1B in 2014--a number that's expected to jump to $2.57B this year.

"It's absolutely catching on," founder and CEO of Jilliene Helman says. "I wanted to provide access to more investors and crowdfunding was the perfect way to do that. You can give access to tens of thousands of investors online and make it as easy to buy as stocks or bonds online."

The aftermath of the 2008 recession left investors wary of traditional institutions. So the alternative crowdfunding took off, allowing investors to be more conscious of exactly where they're money's going.

Since going live in 2013, 19,000 investors have collectively invested $150M across 265 projects with up to 20% returns, Jilliene says.

Also, since a Series A funding round last summer, Realty Mogul has seen more than 1500% growth, a spokesperson tells Bisnow. But Realty Mogul not the only one reaping the benefits.

Fundrise, another major crowdfunding player, has raised over $40M in funding, while New York-based iFunding has funded over $1M in developments.