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The Fabulous Real Estate of Twitter and Square's CEO Jack Dorsey

It's been an incredible 48 hours for Jack Dorsey, one of Silicon Valley's greatest entrepreneurs.

After returning to Twitter as permanent CEO, Jack now sits at the helm of two billion-dollar tech giants, Twitter and mobile payment app Square, putting him in entrepreneurship royalty with Steve Jobs and Elon Musk.

And just Wednesday, Square, valued at $6B, disclosed its plans to go public, which will make his share worth billions. (Not that he needs it, he's already a billionaire...)  

At this incredible moment in Jack's history, we took a look at his real estate, which—from his $10M mansion to his tricked-out HQs—is almost as amazing as his positions.

In 2012, Jack reportedly purchased this seaside home, which sits on a cliff in the exclusive San Francisco neighborhood of El Camino Del Mar. 

The transaction was private, but the 4k SF home is known for being the most expensive two-bedroom in the entire city—even after the price was reduced from $18M to $9.99M. The home had been on the market 11 times since 1998

In addition to this uncommon massive retractable skylight in the living room, the home also has picturesque views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The bridge is a fascination to Jack, who often uses it as a motivational metaphor for his business. "We want to design the beautiful and build the impossible," he told Vanity Fair

The 1965 home's master bedroom features floor-to-ceiling windows. 

The kitchen is outfitted with Brazilian blood-wood cabinets and granite countertops. The view isn't bad either. 

Jack's HQs are just as cool as his seaside home. Twitter's HQ is in San Fran's Tenderloin district with hopes that the influx of tech workers will catalyze a revitalization of the neighborhood. The art deco-style building was vacant for 50 years before the social media company moved in. 

The rooftop deck is the perfect place to catch some rays and fresh air. There are BBQs and parties out here, and a large garden. 

Larryland is the game room, outfitted with a shuffleboard and foosball table for when workers need a breather.

Like the rest of the office, this common area is bright and airy with subtle earthy tones. 

Twitter keeps its employees well-fed. The giant cafeteria features daily prepared meals, Kombucha tea, and a section that looks like it's straight out of Whole Foods' DIY trail mix aisle. 

Also on Market Street in S.F. is Jack's financial tech company Square. The space is more of a startup than Twitter, but still features a clean and modern feel. It's also still gigantic, at 200k SF, or four levels total. 

Giant TVs line the cafeteria space on the ninth floor. There's also a wellness center up there. 

The main floor is about 100k SF, or the size of two football fields. Although the space is designed to be open, it still features fun amenities like this pool table. 

The working space features lines of desks and also booths for those looking for a little privacy. Employees are organized into "neighborhoods" based on their job type. 

The coffee shop is definitely a hot spot for employees.