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3 Themes CRE Professionals Must Consider To Be Ready For 2017

As ever-changing technological advancements continue to turn commercial real estate on its ear, Deloitte reported several themes CRE professionals should take into account moving into 2017. Bisnow highlights three below. 

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1) The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things continues to transform building management in hopes of elevating tenant experiences. These technologies can equip a building management system to track various building features, including motion, air pressure, light, temperature and water flow. The IoT has been a cost-saver for building owners, further differentiating their buildings from the competition and improving operational efficiency

2) Health & Wellness

As Americans grow increasingly conscious of health and wellness, that awareness is seeping into building environments in the form of thermal comfort, lighting, noise monitoring and interior layout. With Millennials making up the largest generational group in the US, they’re now a driving force in the labor market, and companies and developers alike are increasingly taking Millennials' live/work/play lifestyle patterns into account. The future calls for CRE professionals to take their sustainability efforts to the next level.

3) Mobility’s Future

The automotive industry is fast-changing, and the emergence of self-driving cars is only going to boost the shared-driving pay-per-use model that’s becoming the norm for travel. This will cut down on personally owned vehicles and could potentially change supply-and-demand dynamics while also shifting the demand for high-density parking lots