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Robots To Eliminate Many Fast Food Jobs Within 10 Years


Fast food workers are the next in line to be replaced by robots.

That is according to Yum Brands CEO Greg Creed, who said by the mid-2020s a mixture of robots and automation could likely eliminate many food service jobs, CNBC reports. Yum Brands owns Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and KFC, among other eateries, and Creed said the company is already using robots to greet customers in some of its Shanghai restaurants.

When it comes to the increased use of automation in industrial real estate, users find they can save costs with robot-dominant facilities because they require less space; the same can be said about restaurant real estate. Restaurateurs' push to further automation is saving owners money in both payroll dollars and real estate.

A recent PwC report revealed that 38% of U.S. jobs are at high risk of being eliminated by a robot within the next 15 years, an interesting stat considering Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he does not believe robots will start to seriously replace workers for at least 50 years.