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DAS And The Demand For Connectivity: CRE Professionals Address A New Normal

Steve "Woz" Wozniak

The demand for digital connectivity is higher than ever, and the commercial real estate industry is taking note. 

CRE professionals will gather at the Bren Event Center at UC Irvine on Feb. 8 to discuss the future of reliable and scalable wireless technology. The daylong event, hosted by DASpedia and sponsored by SOLiD, will provide an opportunity to network with and learn from professionals across multiple industries, including healthcare, education, urban development and public safety. 

The event will begin with a keynote from Steve Wozniak, whose invention of the first Apple computer in 1976 kick-started a technological revolution. Over four decades later, people have access to more technology than ever before. 

As of 2015, 68% of American adults owned a smartphone and 45% had a tablet. The world is now home to more gadgets than people. With more people using wireless devices, the need for speed and connectivity is at an all-time high. 

This increased demand is impacting a number of industries, especially commercial real estate. In this new age of technology, buildings, stadiums and campuses are turning to Distributed Antenna Systems to improve wireless connectivity and increase speed in densely populated spaces. SOLiD is one company leading the charge in DAS technology. Last year, SOLiD installed DAS solutions that provided WiFi to all of New York City’s 287 underground subway systems. These solutions have also improved wireless reliability at the Daytona International Speedway and the University of Oregon. 


DAS solutions have taken a front seat in driving wireless connectivity for asset classes including hospitality and retail. SOLiD worked with Kemper Development Co. to deploy DAS solutions for the Bellevue Collection, a mixed-use facility in Bellevue, Washington. These solutions provided wireless connectivity to the 4M SF property, which is composed of restaurants, office buildings, luxury hotels and condominiums. The driving force for the implementation of these DAS solutions was a citywide concern for public safety. SOLiD provided first responders with the tools to install an in-building radio system to improve communication during an emergency. This DAS installment also benefits customers, tenants and hotel guests by providing scalable and reliable cellular service and WiFi. 

DAS is a growing concern for real estate professionals as they look to improve the tenant experience. 

“It’s crucial for the wireless industry to work closely with CRE leaders and enterprise IT professionals,” DASpedia Managing Director Soyola Baasan said. 

These new solutions have changed the way people interact with technology, and the industry will only continue to innovate. Real estate professionals are catching on to the increasing demand for connectivity as they strive to meet their clients' needs.  

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