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More Than Half Of The Top 10 Unicorns In The World Are Based In California

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    California has long been known as an incubator state, producing some of the world's fastest-growing tech firms, and Fortune’s 2016 Top Unicorn list proves it yet again. This year's top unicorns, based on valuation, are headquartered all over the world from China to India—but the majority of the companies are in California.

    In fact, California is home to six of the 10 most valuable tech startups in the country (as of January). Check em' out. 

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    Uber logo

    Valuation: $62B

    Location: San Francisco

    Uber remains one of the leading ride-sharing companies when it comes to innovation. This month the company announced plans to test launch its first self-driving cars in Pittsburgh. One expert, however, thinks this valuation is too high.

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    Airbnb logo

    Valuation: $25.5B

    Location: San Francisco

    Airbnb continues to take the home-sharing business by storm. Earlier this month the company raised $850M in a new round of funding, pushing its value to $30B. 

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    Palantir logo

    Valuation: $20.5B

    Location: Palo Alto

    This CIA-funded software company launched in 2004 and is making big moves. Earlier this month it announced plans to buy data visualization startup Silk, a $3.7B company.

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    Snapchat logo

    Valuation: $16B

    Location: Venice

    Social media firm Snapchat made its big bucks by offering real, authentic looks into users lives. But Snap was hit with a surprise earlier this month when its competitor Instagram, which has twice the number of users, launched its own stories feature, pulling even more traffic to its app.

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    Valuation: $12B 

    Location: Hawthorne

    The aerospace manufacturer, founded by Elon Musk, was launched in 2002. The company recently displayed its first rocket booster, the 162-foot Falcon 9, outside its HQ after it returned home this weekend from its successful launch last December. 

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    Pinterest logo

    Valuation: $11B

    Location: San Francisco

    With Pinterest's most recent valuation hitting $11B, the company is pulling in additional revenue through video ad sales. The company even swiped an advertising guru from Snapchat last month to aid in its efforts.

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