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Amazon Planning To Develop A Two-Story Robot-Operated Store?


Amazon is planning a two-level grocery store that will operate primarily using robots, according to someone familiar with the project. 

The store’s top floor would use robots to bring goods to shoppers while the lower floor would sell items people typically want to choose themselves, resembling a supersized Walmart, the New York Post reports

While sources discussed store plans with the Post, an Amazon spokesperson insisted no such store is being built, perhaps holding back from announcing plans about a robot-operated store that is sure to cut down on jobs. 

If true, the store will eliminate the need for most staff and can operate with merely three employees at a time, with robots even taking the place of cashiers. This cashier-less format is being tested at Amazon Go stores, saving money and leading to operating profit margins over 20%. While helpful for Amazon’s profits, the store may not help the U.S. economy — many economists are worried robots will decimate U.S. jobs over the long term.