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Google’s Project Sunroof Tells You if You Should Switch to Solar Power


Google’s Project Sunroof just built a tool that can break down if your home is fit for solar power. Still in pilot mode, it works in three cities: Boston, which had already adopted a solar-powered train station; San Francisco and Fresno. The program uses Google maps data, local weather history and estimates from solar providers to give an estimate of how much you can save and spend by switching over to solar power, CNN Money reports. It even considers the angle of your roof and potential sun blockers like trees to tell you how many hours of sunlight you get per year, and how much space you can allow for solar panels. Google engineer Carl Elkin created the idea in his 20% time that Google allows for employees to pursue side projects. Interestingly, Google is charging solar providers to include contact information so users can contact them for installations. [CNN]