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BOISE: Carter Joins Boise Redevelopment


Carter is entering the Boise market, partnering with Pinecrest Partners to build 236 units on two sites less than a half mile from Boise State University. SVP of development David Nelson (here with his family) tells us multifamily’s success there has made it a popular choice lately—three other projects are under development or in planning nearby. But he believes Carter’s community will be unlike anything else in the area and will raise the bar on local student housing. Its yet-unbranded development will be very urban (most of the other multifamily projects nearby are garden-style) and very modern when it delivers next July.


Carter’s project sits at 1600 South Lusk Place (126 units) and 1105 South La Pointe St (110 units), within Boise’s Lusk Street redevelopment master plan. Besides their short walk to class, residents will benefit from being adjacent to Ann Morrison Park and other amenities built as part of that plan. David tells us the biggest challenge to his development was that it’ll be visible from all sides, so he had to meet the master plan’s “front door” requirements all the way around. (It's also a tough location for anyone playing hide 'n seek.) Carter’s team consulted with the neighborhood in designing the housing and selected a Spanish Mission style that doesn’t block neighbors’ views of the mountains or the capitol.

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