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3 Implications Of The Janus And Henderson Merger


On Monday, Henderson Group and Janus Capital Group announced their plans to merge, marking one of the largest deals in the investment world in months and creating a combined company with a $6B market cap and $320B worth of assets under its belt. Here are three things you should know about the deal, according to MarketWatch:

1. More financial consolidation

Ever since the crisis of 2008, the financial services industry has struggled. Few large players are bigger today than they were pre-crisis, and mergers like this help firms with economies of scale while making it easier to compete against giants like BlackRock.

2. Global Portfolio

The merger will leave both companies more diversely invested, globally speaking, than they are now. At present 80% of Janus' revenue comes from the US, as does 60.6% of Henderson's revenue. Post-merger, the firm’s geographic makeup will be 54% in the Americas, 31% in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and 15% in Asia.

3. Tax Inversion

As a result of the merger, Janus will move from the US to the UK, and that means lower taxes—the corporate income tax in the US is 35% compared to 20% in the UK. [MW]