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Who Needs Coffee When You Can Nap At This Café?

A new café is encouraging people to ditch $6 coffees for an afternoon nap.

Manhattan-based Nap York offers pods that allow people to lay back and snooze for half an hour at a time, a practice that has been proven to improve productivity and promote creative thinking, Moneyish reports.


The pods are meant to act as a healthy alternative to coffee, which can cause people to crash once they come down from the caffeine and sugar highs. A study conducted by NASA revealed that astronauts and military pilots performed 34% better and were 100% more alert after taking 40-minute naps, while too much caffeine had been linked to impaired cognitive skills and disrupted sleep.

The pods come fit with a dark room, a single mattress, LED ceiling lights that give the appearance of a starry night, air purifying plants, soundproof curtains, noise-canceling headphones and essential oils. A housekeeper also remains on-site to clean the sheets after every use and sanitize the pods, according to Moneyish.

The café charges $10 each half hour for the nap pods, and also offers activities such as yoga or meditation for an additional fee. Nap York also plans to open a wellness rooftop with juice and smoothies. 

While the café currently has seven pods available, it will be expanding in the near future with another 30 being added in April.