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Here’s The One Reason Retailers Are Failing That No One Is Talking About (Hint: It’s Not E-commerce)

National Retail

Declining retail sales and store closings have many pointing the blame at e-commerce, but some of the brick-and-mortar decline could come from a seldom-mentioned part of the retail experience: Boredom.

No problem is “more deadly” to retailers than the “pandemic of sheer consumer boredom,” writes retail expert Doug Stephens on his blog, The Retail Prophet. “The majority of store chains, malls and shopping centers have become beacons of boredom.”

Gabriella Santaniello, analyst at retail analytics firm A Line Partners, says the lack of major trend shifts has made retailers stagnant, and on top of that, no new trends means no reason to buy new clothes, Business Insider reports.

"A lot of these customers already have what they're looking for in their closet,” Santaniello says. "And what's better than old jeans?" [BI]