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Grocers Feel Neglect As Tech-Savvy Millennials Turn To Other Platforms


Grocers are having a hard time attracting tech-savvy Millennials whose love of e-commerce has drastically shifted their shopping behavior.

Baby Boomers once spent hours in the supermarket with long grocery lists, but shoppers in their 20s and 30s aren’t devoting the same time to supermarkets as their parents. Millennials are more likely to purchase through a variety of platforms, including online services like’s AmazonFresh, or even through retailers that carry a bit of everything like Walmart and Target, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Nielsen VP of consumer and shopper analytics Marty Siewert said he’s never seen shopping behavior change as drastically as it is today. “Those things in the past that have been real drivers for grocery in terms of freshness and quality aren’t the key drivers for Millennials.” [WSJ]