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Fortune 500: Here Are The Top 10 Retailers

    Fortune 500: Here Are The Top 10 Retailers

    The 2016 Fortune 500 list came out last week; here are the top 10 retailers on the list, amid the growing battle of e-commerce vs. brick-and-mortar.

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    Fortune 500: Here Are The Top 10 Retailers

    CEO: Douglas McMillon

    HQ: Bentonville, AR

    Spot on the list: 1

    Years on the list: 22

    Employees: 2,300,000

    Walmart retained its top spot on the list from last year, with revenues staying essentially the same. The retail giant is faring well in the war of bricks vs. clicks, as it now holds the spot of the largest online retailer apart from Amazon. 

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    CEO: Larry Merlo

    HQ: Woonsockt, RI

    Spot on the list: 7

    Years on the list: 22

    Employees: 199,000

    The drugstore chain is still hurting from its decision to stop selling cigarettes, but nonetheless was able to move up three spots in the rankings from last year. CVS is also trying to push healthier food at its stores to heighten its image as a healthcare company. 

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    CEO: Craig Jelinek

    HQ: Issaquah, WA

    Spot on the list: 15

    Years on the list: 22

    Employees: 161,000

    The wholesaling giant has outperformed fellow bulk retailer Sam's Club every quarter, bolstered by store locations in more affluent areas. The store's $15B/year store brand Kirkland is growing in popularity, no doubt helping matters.

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    CEO: Rodney McMullen

    HQ: Cincinnati, OH

    Spot on the list: 17

    Years on the list: 22

    Employees: 431,000

    Kroger's profits rose 18% over last year, as it stays strong despite Walmart's foray into groceries over the past decade. Kroger also has a strong private-label line, and maintains its spot as the US's second-largest food retailer.

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    CEO: Stefano Pessina

    HQ: Deerfield, IL

    Spot on the list: 19

    Years on the list: 22

    Employees: 302,500

    Partnerships with the unicorn Theranos (now under federal scrutiny) and stumbling drug company Valeant have plagued CVS’s biggest competitor in the drugstore business, but it still saw an increase from 35th on the list last year. The company is still integrating its new acquisition, Alliance Boots, but the latter’s makeup products have helped Walgreen’s profit margins.

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    Home Depot

    Fortune 500: Here Are The Top 10 Retailers

    CEO: Craig Menear

    HQ: Atlanta, GA

    Spot on the list: 28

    Years on the list: 22

    Employees: 385,000

    Home Depot has bucked the trend of struggling retailers by integrating its online and in-store services—and has a 10.5% increase in profits to show for it. Conor Flynn, CEO of Kimco Realty (Home Depot is its largest tenant) says the do-it-yourself store’s success is helping the retail REIT hit the “sweet spot” of retail.

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    CEO: Brian Cornell

    HQ: Minneapolis, MN

    Spot on the list: 38

    Years on the list: 22

    Employees: 341,000

    Target is experiencing a rebirth after being plagued by fallout from its a massive data breach. The retailer is also investing heavily in e-commerce, growing it faster than both Amazon and Walmart.

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    CEO: Robert Niblock

    HQ: Mooresville, NC

    Spot on the list: 47

    Years on the list: 22

    Employees: 225,000

    Lowe’s, like Home Depot, is seeing the fruits of the US housing boom—one that just pushed household wealth up to record levels. The company has reaped winnings from Sears’ struggles in the appliance business, and has just become a major player in the Canadian market.

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    Best Buy

    CEO: Hubert Joly

    HQ: Richfield, MN

    Spot on the list: 71

    Years on the list: 22

    Employees: 125,000

    Best Buy has stayed relevant in the the e-commerce world by renovating its tech-assistance (the Geek Squad) and partnering with Apple (the other geek squad?). The electronics retailer is still struggling, though, with a 27% drop in profits over the past year.

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    Fortune 500: Here Are The Top 10 Retailers

    CEO: Todd Jones

    HQ: Lakeland, FL

    Spot on the list: 87

    Years on the list: 22

    Employees: 180,000

    Slow and steady wins the race for Publix. The supermarket chain has steadily gained market share over the past eight years, and has just taken on its first CEO from outside the Crenshaw family, Todd Jones. Jones is taking the world’s largest employee-owned company north with a 2017 expansion into Virginia.