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E-Commerce Is Being Taken Offline

National Retail

E-commerce companies are taking their business back to brick-and-mortar.

While the new stores will allow consumers to look at and touch products they are interested in purchasing, they will not be walking out of the store with those in hand. Digiday reports on companies that, once customers have decided what they would like to buy, have the items shipped directly to those customers' homes, just as the retailer would with a typical e-commerce transaction

Boll & Branch, a luxury bedding retailer headquartered in New Jersey, is one of the first to test this model, along with ModCloth, Glossier and Madison Reed, according to Digiday.

More retailers are trying this concept because there is a growing recognition that, while consumers want convenience, they still want to see, try and feel products before handing over a credit card.

Experts say having a brick-and-mortar presence helps to strengthen trust between brands and consumers, an essential element given the struggles faced by retailers as of late. With shoppers increasingly spending their money on experiences over merchandise, this could be a perfect solution for retailers moving forward.