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Brick-And-Mortars Outperforming Amazon

Here's some retail news we don't hear often: major brick-and-mortar chains are outperforming Amazon. And it's not just by a little bit, either.

After explosive growth in 2015—culminating in a Dec. 29 $696.44 peak, Amazon stock has taken a pounding, dropping 22.9% year-to-date after its January holiday earnings missed Wall Street expectations (by a mile).

Compare that to the stock performance of four brick-and-mortar anchors: Macy's is (somehow) up 15.7% year-to-date, while JC Penney is up 11.4%, Dillard's 8.5% and Nordstrom 2.2%.

Investors will keep an eye on upcoming earnings to determine whether these gains can be sustained. But for now, that's a big unexpected win for traditional retailers. [TheStreet]