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Green Gold: 10 Of The Best Marijuana Retailers

    Green Gold: 10 Of The Best Marijuana Retailers

    Legal marijuana is lighting up the real estate sector, driving up property values and pot closets in new condos.

    Here are 10 weed retailers that specialize in getting green out

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    1. Lodo Wellness Center

    Location: Denver

    Property Owner: Wazee Street Partners

    Year Opened: 2009

    This mother-daughter dispensary started medical, but added recreational product on Jan. 1, 2014. They give veterans and students discount pricing.

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    2. Boulder Wellness Center

    Location: Boulder, CO

    Property Owner: Debbie Ventola

    Year Opened: 2014

    Another pot shop with high-end showcases and a classy display, this time in Boulder. Between weed stores and the Celestial Seasonings tea factory, Boulder must be seriously mellowed out.

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    3. Mile High Green Cross

    Location: Denver

    Property Owner: 848 Broadway LLC

    Year Opened: 2009

    Another dispensary to add recreational pot to its otherwise medical store. The photo makes it hard to say whether its award-winning product is served in golden chalices, or those are just trophies—either way, impressive.

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    4. Ganja Goddess

    Location: Seattle

    Property Owner: Vertigo Holdings

    Year Opened: 2014

    Ganja Goddess prides itself on being the first woman-owned cannabis shop in Seattle, and will even provide a free shuttle for customers unable (or too couch-locked?) to get to the shop themselves.

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    5. Botanico

    Green Gold: 10 Of The Best Marijuana Retailers

    Location: Denver

    Property Owner: Regel Investments

    Year Opened: 2014

    Don't let the understated exterior fool you. Botanico's known for quality; it even puts out a "sweet-grass pumpkin pie" for the holidays (like people need more help overeating on Thanksgiving).

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    6. Ajoya

    Green Gold: 10 Of The Best Marijuana Retailers

    Location: Louisville, CO

    Property Owner: Wigotow Properties, Mg Colony Square, California Building

    Year Opened: 2015

    The sophisticated, minimalist layout in Ajoya is more Apple store than drug dealer. The high-class showcases and well-lit interior are a novel design for pot retailers.

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    7. Uncle Ike's Pot Shop

    Location: Seattle

    Property Owner: 1400 23rd LLC

    Year Opened: 2014

    The uncle your parents didn't leave you alone with, Uncle Ike's has everything from fruit snacks to after-shave...and also a few ex-military security guards to keep things safe.

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    8. Cannabis City

    Location: Seattle

    Property Owner: Jay Family Associates

    Year Opened: 2014

    This very first cannabis retailer in Seattle is known for its long lines, and that's a good thing. It even has its very own green-haired "Canna Santa" to bring in the holidays.

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    9. Native Roots Apothecary

    Location: Denver

    Property Owners: Naiman Family, 910 Associates

    Year Opened: 2014

    Native Roots' 14 Colorado locations showcase its powerhouse status in the new recreational bud industry. It must get some street cred for its special "Snoop Dogg" strain.

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    10. Dockside Cannabis

    Location: Shoreline, WA

    Property Owner: Bin

    Year Opened: 2014

    Dockside Cannabis' upscale finished wood interior puts an upscale ski lodge vibe into recreational pot, but with snickerdoodles, macaroons and mints on the menu, it doesn't leave behind the customer's sweet tooth.