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What You Don't Know About Lincoln Property's Deb Pyznarski

Deb Pyznarski

Position: Senior general manager, Lincoln Property Co

Where you're located: Rosemont, IL

Responsibilities: I’m responsible for the management and oversight of nearly 1.3M SF of commercial and retail properties in numerous suburban submarkets in the Chicago area. Throughout my career at Lincoln, which started in 1988, I have managed commercial, industrial and retail properties for numerous clients and made significant contributions to developing best business practices that have enhanced the efficiency of company operations over the years.

How you got involved in property management: Like most, by accident. I had a friend working for Lincoln who mentioned they had an opening for a receptionist position. I was in fast-food management at the time and looking for a change. I began with the firm as a receptionist and worked my way up through multiple positions before settling into a property management role in 1996, which I truly enjoy.

Industry and life extracurriculars: I am the immediate past president of BOMA/Suburban Chicago, current VP of the North Central Region of BOMA International and chair of BOMA International’s Preparedness Committee. Last year, the committee worked to update the goals and objectives of the group to align them with new and emerging threats and preparedness trends. We also launched a campaign in September to complement FEMA’s National Preparedness Month, sharing preparedness information specific to the commercial real estate industry with our members on topics ranging from floods and wildfires to hurricanes and power outages. Outside of commercial real estate, I am involved in numerous charitable and civic organizations.

Deb Pyznarski

Photo: Deb delivering the Preparedness Committee's report at BOMA's Board of Governors meeting in Los Angeles last year.

Daily habit: Remembering to say “thank you” every day, even for the bad things.

Favorite book: American Sniper.

Favorite music: I enjoy a variety of different types of music, so it just depends on my mood.

Favorite movie: The Sound of Music.

Favorite restaurant: Capri, a local Italian restaurant.

Favorite vacation: My honeymoon to Hawaii.

First job: McDonald's.

Job in another life: Lawyer.

Item on bucket list: Visit every state in the US and see the beauty each one has to offer.

Person you'd like to meet, dead or alive: Mother Teresa.

Family life: I’ve been married to my soulmate—and best friend—for nearly 30 years. We have 26-year-old twins, Bryan and Lauren, and I have to settle for two beautiful, furry grandpuppies for now!

Startling fact: I have hundreds of “sons” and “daughters” who call me Momma ‘Ski—they are all military service members who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting either through my son Bryan’s military service or through my volunteer work with the men and women who serve our country.