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Six Simple Steps to Success

The path to property excellence is paved with calculated steps for improvement. Property and asset management software tools that promote five vital initiatives—proactive tenant engagement, operational efficiency, preparedness, mitigated energy use and sustainability—will allow managers and staff to gain the ground needed for meaningful advancement. 

Whether this is achieved in one giant, admirable, leap, or, more realistically, one incremental step at a time, is up to them.



BOMA’s TOBY program outlines six key objectives, outlined below, for achieving building excellence that perfectly mobilize and leverage ETS software capabilities (along with substantial resources and unmatched client support).

Even if managers' operational aspirations don’t include a coveted TOBY award, simply using the TOBY program as a guide aligns with ETS's core competencies that materially and cost-effectively improve multiple aspects of property life. Here are the six areas outlined in TOBY program entry requirements, matched with ETS application capabilities, to help clients and their teams easily implement important changes for success.


1) Tenant Relations And Communications

ETS offers a wealth of diverse communications capabilities (mobile, desktop, email, text/SMS and more) in addition to resources that facilitate day-to-day interaction, heighten professionalism, bolster positive brand recognition and advance initiatives. 

ETS engages, educates and empowers tenants, which drives attraction, satisfaction and retention.

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2) Energy Conservation

ETS's Energy Management and Administration App, in concert with its suite of operations apps, are terrific tools for diminishing a property’s energy consumption. With top-level limited visibility into energy use, tools like benchmarking, budgeting, alarming and EnergyStar reporting, allow key decision-makers to get a better, more comprehensive picture of consumption.

Automated initiatives identify and correct overconsumption. Operations apps ensure optimal equipment maintenance and performance while communications apps enlist tenants to contribute to energy use mitigation efforts.

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3) Sustainability And Conservation

Electronic Tenant Solutions’ capacity to advance property and portfolio sustainability and conservation goals starts with providing a centralized resource—the Electronic Tenant Portal. The property web portal includes policies and procedures as well as an overview of resources, initiatives and statistics related to performance (i.e. EnergyStar, carbon footprint, recyclable diversion rates, etc.).

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4) Emergency Preparedness

Today’s Class-A office buildings are among the safest places on earth, given security resources like infrastructure, trained personnel and technology, which provide occupants insulation against vulnerability. Property management can assuage tenants’ fears by communicating to tenants the numerous security measures deployed at the property.

The key to successful preparedness is twofold. The first entails making basic guidance tips and preparedness materials readily available to management personnel and tenants in advance of extenuating circumstances.

The second is providing robust communications channels including email, text/SMS and mobile technology for relaying critical information in emergency circumstances.

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5) Training Building Personnel

Bolstered by expert client support staff, ETS offers property management, engineers, tenant service coordinators and asset managers the ability to use technology to better understand and execute on their responsibilities.

Utilizing ETS app functionality, support, in-depth training and best practices helps create a continuous learning environment for property staff.

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  • Regular Web Learning Sessions
  • In-Depth, On-Demand Video Learning
  • In-Person Training
  • Best Practices: Operations, Communications, Risk Management, Leasing & Marketing, Energy Management & Administration

6) Community Impact

A good property is an anchor in the community. It’s the place people come to work, play and contribute to the betterment of the world around them. ETS’s communications tools can foster community engagement and tenant participation in local charities, events and activities.

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