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ETS Maintenance Center - A Consolidated Hub For All Property Management Web Resources & Tools

Father of modern economics Adam Smith was onto something when he identified switching between tasks as one of the three greatest threats to productivity and sources of inefficiency. Writing 240 years ago, he couldn’t possibly envision the form this switching cost would take in our modern, digital world, but the guiding principle remains true.

Providing a solution relevant to today’s property managers, ETS offers a convenient single interface that simplifies property managers' lives by reducing the frustration and headaches associated with transitioning from phone to computer to tablet throughout the day.


Property managers often wish to consolidate all of their web-based work needs into one window. What if that window opened the same as it was left, on any device?

The ETS Maintenance Center has one dashboard because switching wastes time and draws attention from the task at hand. It is a highly flexible workflow hub that offers customizable tabs not only for all ETS applications, but also for any other websites and web applications used in day-to-day responsibilities.

Access to outside sources like Yardi, Angus or Energy Star can now be accessed via the ETS Maintenance Center in the Custom Tabs feature. Property managers can also add their most frequently visited sites, like Weather Channel, CNN or other pages. The system will remember their unique configurations and preferences when accessed from any device.

Just as people open new tabs in their browsers, so too can property managers now add a tab in the ETS Maintenance Center. Tenant requests, property communications, energy management, search, accounting, news, PM, insurance tracking—wherever property managers’ web-based work responsibilities may lie, they can now combine everything in a single window.


Further, the ETS partnership with Mach Energy allows for quick and easy access to the Mach Energy Dashboard (pictured above) so property managers can assess consumption, energy cost savings opportunities and Energy Star Reporting with a click of a button.

To learn more about ETS and its central hub feature, click here.