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What's New at BOMA San Francisco

What's New at BOMA San Francisco

BOMA San Francisco had a stellar year, but SVP Marc Intermaggio thinks the commercial real estate industry will experience a shortage of talent in the coming years, specifically among property managers. BOMA is filling that void through a partnership with San Francisco State University to produce "job-ready" commercial property management candidates. (It's like basic training, except you don't jump out of planes.) He looks forward to further developing the program, involving other real estate associations (as they're all impacted, he notes), and expanding the program to other California State University campuses.

What's New at BOMA San Francisco

Marc's office contains an assortment of cigars (he loves the box artwork), paraphernalia from his band, and odes to Italy, where he's visiting soon. He's also keeping an eye on San Francisco's transition from a payroll tax system to one based on gross receipts. That will have a large impact on its members, he says.

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