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Brookfield Push Expands BOMA 360 Globally

This year, 17 of Brookfield's Canadian buildings earned the BOMA 360 Performance Program designation, joining properties in Colombia and Japan as the first international assets to do so. Even more countries will be jumping on the bandwagon in 2015.

Now Brookfield will be moving on to its Australian assets, says BOMA VP Lisa Prats (in addition to its Canadian portfolio, Brookfield has 43 BOMA 360 designated properties in the US). BOMA is further working with its affiliates Down Under and in New Zealand and South Africa to further expand the program—which promotes building operations and management best practices—into those countries.

The designation of Shohei Institute of Real Estate’s Hongo Segawa Building in Tokyo was a year in the making, says BOMA 360 program director Joel Corley, who tells us that challenges with designating buildings internationally include translating the documentation and certifying local standards that are equivalent to US standards, like benchmarking energy usage through Energy Star Portfolio Manager. Internationally, BOMA 360 will follow the same criteria and building prerequisites as it does in the US.

Above, a large contingent from Japan BOMA joined the org for its Every Building Conference & Expo this year in Orlando (BOMA has 17 global affiliates in total). The other international building to get the designation this year: Connecta Modulos A&B, which is owned by Tarranum Corporativo S.A.S. in Bogota, Colombia, and the first South American BOMA 360 property. Joel says the owner wanted the designation for the campus (which is already LEED Gold) since there isn’t a regulatory body that oversees building operations in the country.