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Wealthiest US Zip Codes Abound on East Coast


Folks with an average income of $842K call Dayton, OH's zip code 45423 home. This according to ‘The Wealthiest Zip Codes in America’, a report just released by Experian and based on average incomes per tax return. Dayton Business Journal took a look at the numbers and there may be a little more to it. The zip code belongs to downtown Dayton’s largest office building, the Kettering Tower, which does not have any residential units. Looks like some personal returns were filed from business addresses.

While downtown Dayton is surely lovely, it trails 10104. That thoroughly commercial midtown Manhattan zip code adjacent to Rockefeller Center boasted an average income (across 14 filers) of $2.98M. Rounding out the top five were two other Manhattan zips, one in Miami's South Beach and another in the corporate tax haven of Wilmington, DE. [BIZ]