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Top 8 Stories You Need to Read Today

Here are eight stories you should read today:

1. The Empire State Building's iconic mast once climbed by King Kong is about to get a long overdue makeover—we're talking switching out the 200-foot mast's 480 windows with new panels. [TRD]

2. A city's architecture can truly embody its spirit—concert jungle, right? Here are 16 of the most creative cities when it comes to design. [BI]

3. New York's East River should be seeing a 42-story mixed-use tower from high-profile developer Sheldon Solow. [Bisnow]

4. Here are 25 private islands you can rent for a trial run. [BI]

5. Mitsubishi Estate plans to build what will become Japan's tallest building—over 1.2k SF with a $8.3B price tag. [WSJ]

6. China's suffering economy has been the center of attention in the news, especially as Chinese buyers invest in the US. But now the Chinese government has lifted restrictions in hopes investors will reciprocate. [Bisnow]

7. Foreign investors may shift their purchasing party from New York to Boston. [GS]

8. McDonald's is considering spinning off its $40B in real estate holdings into a REIT to make up for declining sales. [Bisnow]