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Top 10 Stories You Need to Read from This Week

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Another week is almost over, but here are the top 10 stories you should read  before ending your day.

1. In case you didn't know, the office market is hot thanks to the job growth and the postponement of the interest rate hike. [NREI]

2. Q3 just ended. How did the big banks perform? [Bisnow]

3. Jack Dorsey is having a crazy week (in a good way). Here's his equally crazy-in-a-good-way real estate. [Bisnow]

4. Is it awkward in here or just us? Uber is moving into the same building as the Taxi and Limousine Commission. [Bisnow]

5. NYC might just be the place for development right now. What are some of the biggest projects coming down the pipeline? [TRD]

6. Walmart didn't have as good a week as Jack Dorsey. Actually, that might be an understatement. [Fortune]

7. China is dumping US debt at a record pace. How's this going to affect the market? We asked five top economists. [Bisnow]

8. Take note: These top five cities have the highest real estate returns. [Bisnow]

9. A new (actually, its fourth) European real estate fund is underway, Blackstone's president says. How much money did they raise this time? [Bisnow]

10. What is the bulk condo and co-op market? It's like Costco but for real estate. [TRD]