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Top 10 Stories You Need to Read This Week

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It's finally Friday, so here are the top 10 stories to keep you updated on the past week.

1. Talk about a Labor Day deal. Blackstone Group announced its acquisition of Strategic Hotels for $6B. [Bisnow]

2. Todd Bassen is saying goodbye to WeWork after only three months with the company. [TRD]

3. New York Public libraries will get well-deserved renovations thanks to $43M in funding. [Crain's]

4. 2015 might be the worst year for REIT investments since 2008. [WSJ]

5. Office landlords, be wary of these five cities. [Bisnow]

6. So, what's up with that pending interest rate hike? [Bisnow]

7. The surging tech market is also pushing up office premiums. [GS]

8. Are we just steps away from a global recession? Citigroup says yes. [Bisnow]

9. Here it is: the complete history of the sexy six biggest firms in commercial real estate. [NREI]

10. The tallest building in the Western Hemisphere is getting a trim and losing its 1,795-foot spire. [Bisnow]