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The Top 10 Stories You Need to Read This Week

From the trendiest hotels to Chinese trophy buys—mixed with some Donald Trump news in between—here are the top 10 stories from this week.

1. Millennials are flocking to boutique hotels, creating the latest hot trend in the lodging industry. From the holistic to membership-only, here are the top 17 trendiest hotel brands.

2. Trump announced—or scared—America, announcing his wish to "fire" H&R Block, if elected president, along with a simplification of the American tax system.

3. E-retail monster is going to dethrone Macy's in 2017—but that's just the beginning of how technology is going to change the way consumers spend

4. The first day of school is just around the corner. Which real estate mogul is funding your alma mater?

5. The retail industry reported its highest levels of inventory relative to sales since 2013, as e-commerce continues to boom—here's how retail giants are stepping up their retail strategy

6. Poor Macy's. The fashion retailer is facing pressure from investors to sell its stores in hopes to save its falling stock.

7. CMBS loans are scarily high at 117.8%, putting several markets at risk—especially the Midwest. 

8. With the stock turmoil at home, Chinese investors are stocking up as fast as they can on US trophy assets—take a look at the top 15 buys of this year

9. There's a bold developer out there who wants to build a floating condo atop a rent-regulated UWS building—and yes, tenants are concerned. 

10. The Real Estate Roundtable organization is urging Congress to renew the popular EB-5 visa program in September, warning of "catastrophic consequences" if it's allowed to expire.