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The 10 Things Every Broker Needs

    The 10 Things Every Broker Needs

    Technology has revolutionized the way brokers access information, empowered data analysis, streamlined communication with clients and facilitated closing deals. At the same time, brokerage has shifted from solely transaction-oriented services to one that encompass advisory, changing a broker's function. Xceligent's research and sales teams talk one-on-one with brokers every day, closely tracing this trajectory. They helped us put together this slideshow of the top 10 things every broker needs.

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    1. Time

    The 10 Things Every Broker Needs

    Brokers are always looking for time-saving tools to increase efficiency and alleviate some of the strain of their demanding schedules. While no one's yet invented a device to put more hours into the workday, new technologies and platforms designed specifically with brokers in mind have the potential to simplify their lives and streamline their day-to-day tasks.

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    2. Accurate Tools

    The 10 Things Every Broker Needs

    The importance of accurate and up-to-date data cannot be overstated. Precise tools and access to reliable metrics inspire confidence on both ends of the transaction.

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    3. Actionable Information

    The 10 Things Every Broker Needs

    Information's role in the brokerage process is indisputable, but today, many buyers and sellers find themselves overwhelmed, inundated by a deluge of data. Having the pertinent numbers is as crucial as having accurate ones.  

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    4. Insight

    The 10 Things Every Broker Needs

    Brokerage's role is transitioning from purely transactional to advisory-oriented, and brokers are increasingly depended on to interpret and distill what's relevant for clients.

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    5. Mobile-Enabled Apps

    The 10 Things Every Broker Needs

    Brokers spend a lot of time in the field, and to stay competitive, they need all deal-critical information readily available at their fingertips. This level of accessibility would have been inconceivable just a decade ago, before the slew of sophisticated mobile apps that cater to brokers was created.

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    6. Strong Online Presence 

    The 10 Things Every Broker Needs

    To entice clients, brokers need services that drive traffic to their sites and boost lead generation.

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    7. Information Sharing 

    The 10 Things Every Broker Needs

    The capacity to communicate with clients and collaborate with colleagues online is more vital than ever to brokers gaining and maintaining their competitive edge.

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    8. Choice 

    The 10 Things Every Broker Needs

    Brokers want to be able to design their own suite of workflow tools best suited to their individual needs. Customizability is key, as coders realize brokers are dumping "one size fits all" and demanding "one size fits me."

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    9. Professional Materials

    The 10 Things Every Broker Needs

    Brokers want their tech tools to have intuitive, easily navigable interfaces. They need all output and reports to be sleek, comprehensible and professional before delivering to a client.

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    10. Communication, Improvement And Refinement 

    The 10 Things Every Broker Needs

    Brokers want their tech tools to adapt to their needs. A responsive development team behind this tech, keen on eliminating bugs and ensuring each new iteration of their product is honed to their stakeholders' preferences, can accomplish this.

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