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The One Thing Billionaires Do to Avoid Burnout

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Other than running grossly successful companies and being pretty rich, what do billionaires like Richard Branson and Bill Gates have in common?

Unlike many hard workers, who just won't take time off, they know how to shut it off and go on vacation. 

"When you go on vacation, your routine is interrupted," superstar entrepreneur Richard Branson has told Entrepreneur. In addition to a personal fortune of $5.1B, his Virgin brand has over 400 businesses, reports Business Insider.

The growing idea that working 24/7 is better—also known as "Work Martyr Complex"—is actually counterproductive. A no-time-off policy puts people at risk for damaging their health, relationships and overall happiness.

In fact, one of the most valuable—and rare—skills in the workforce is the ability to just drop everything and migrate somewhere warm. "The places you go and the new people you meet can inspire you in unexpected ways," Branson says.

You don't have to be a high-powered CEO to reap the benefits of a little Vitamin D either. According to nonprofit US Travel's Project: Time Off, those who take more vacation days get promoted more often.

"As an entrepreneur or business leader, if you didn't come back from your vacation with some ideas about how to shake things up," Branson, "it's time to consider making some changes.[BI]