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Developer Don Peebles Talks Possible NYC Mayoral Candidacy

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Real estate developer Don Peebles is getting ready to take on Mayor Bill de Blasio in a run for mayor, saying his three decades of entrepreneurial success could help save NYC from continuing to go in the wrong direction.

"Someone needs to do something about it," he says. Don says New Yorkers are unhappy with de Blasio's current efforts, "and many of us have buyer's remorse."

When asked if the mayor is looking out for the little guy, namely with his focus on affordable housing, Don says no, calling de Blasio's efforts a poor job.

"I am a big believer in looking out for people that haven’t had a fair chance at life," he says. Should he elect to run, Don—who's worth an estimated $700M—says he'll fund his own campaign. [TRD]