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Day 1 On The BOMA 2017 Expo Floor

Day 1 On The BOMA 2017 Expo Floor
New and existing BOMA Fellows toast at the Trane booth

The BOMA Expo kicked off with plenty of reason to cheer: BOMA Fellows inducted new members with a champagne toast at BOMA Cornerstone Partner Trane’s booth. BOMA members become BOMA Fellows by showing dedication to the industry, their community and BOMA. As Fellows, they are called to serve as mentors and thought leaders for BOMA. 

Transwestern Senior Vice President of Operations Karrie McCampbell, a BOMA Fellow from Dallas, said the process to become a Fellow entailed being nominated by former officers, an interview and essay. She said it was a big honor and privilege to be a Fellow, as it provided opportunities like getting her picture taken with astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly after the general session.

Day 1 On The BOMA 2017 Expo Floor
Dennis Crowley III and Stacy Dean Stephens

Over at BOMA Cornerstone Partner Allied Universal’s booth, things were taking a turn for the Westworld with the company’s display of robotic surveillance systems. The company partnered with security technology firm Knightscope to offer the K3 indoor and K5 outdoor robots (officially called an Autonomous Data Machine), which serve as lobby ambassadors for buildings or can be used for general surveillance. 

Allied Universal Senior Vice President Dennis Crowley III said the Prudential Center Mall in Boston uses the outdoor model for surveillance while other companies have used the devices for such security measures as checking license plate numbers in parking lots.

Knightscope Vice President of Marketing and Sales Stacy Dean Stephens said it has been a branding enhancement for the Boston shopping center, as it draws visitors to the mall just to see the robot do its job. Beyond shopping centers, Stephens said corporate campuses and sporting arenas are interested in the devices.

Day 1 On The BOMA 2017 Expo Floor
Bennett Younts, John McDonald, Jeanpier Lopez, Jeannine Antus, Mark Romano, Andrea Upwood and Mary Flores

The team from Captivate, an elevator media company, showcased the array of monitors that liven elevator rides with breaking news and building information. 

Business Development Manager Andrea Upwood said the company has its own newsroom of writers delivering content and local-driven news dependent on where the elevator is.

Day 1 On The BOMA 2017 Expo Floor
The BG Talent team: Angela Covington, Sarah Fox and Leticia Vargas

“All the buzz in commercial real estate is how there is no talent, so we were created to bring in young talent,” BG Talent’s Sarah Fox said.

The staffing company provides training programs and one-day internships to bring skilled employees to CRE.

Day 1 On The BOMA 2017 Expo Floor
Line dancing at ABM

Meanwhile, things were looking like the set of Nashville at the ABM Building Value booth, where line dancing lessons were offered. 

ABM’s Sue Rinetti, Marianne Smith and Amanda Reed boot, scoot and boogied along with Roofing Southwest’s Jessie Noche and Sheryn Cockett from Daniel Burnham Holdings.

If you missed out, don't fret: more lessons will be offered at 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. Monday and Tuesday.

Day 1 On The BOMA 2017 Expo Floor
Bala Gnanam, Steve Harrison and Dan LeVan

Gamification is back this year, and the competition is heated. Competitors are vying each day for top prizes by earning points by visiting booths and scanning a QR code through the 2017 BOMA mobile app. 

BOMA Fellow and Harrison Property Advisors owner Steve Harrison won a $1,500 cash prize Sunday while BOMA Toronto’s Bala Gnanam won $500. BOMA Chattanooga’s Dan LeVan took home the Mobile-Shop Co.’s maintenance cart. 

Day 1 On The BOMA 2017 Expo Floor
"Dolly Parton" found at BOMA 2017

Is it really a conference in Nashville without a Dolly Parton sighting? The songstress' double was behind many of the smiles up and down the exhibit aisles.