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8 Stories You Don't Want to Miss This Week

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Before you go off to enjoy your three-day weekend, here are are eight stories you should read from this week:

1. Leave it to Apple to plan on taking their stores to the "next generation." Hope you like granite. [Bisnow]

2. The stock markets are not looking pretty. What does that mean for Chinese Investors in the US? [Bisnow]

3. This week saw the $2B consolidation of giants as Cushman & Wakefield and DTZ finalized their merger deal. [Bisnow]

4. Construction has just come in as the strongest sector of the economy. [MW]

5. New York's 421a tax break caused a significant plunge in last month's number of building permits as they dropped by 90%. [Crain's]

6. Say the stock market did crash—here are the investors who will feel the most burn. [TRD]

7. A mixed jobs report could leave the Fed with a tough decision to make. [WSJ]

8. Times are changing and so is the workspace. Here's what sort of amenities people want in their offices. [NREI]