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The Best April Fool's Pranks From Businesses


Don’t believe anything you see. Trust no one, except for us, right now, when we say it’s April Fool's Day. Businesses around the US have always used the day to stir up a little fun. Here’s the best we saw this year. 


The famous liquor has struck a deal to display its logo on the face of the iconic Big Ben clock tower in London. 

W Hotels

The luxury hotel operator is now offering the option to share a room with a complete stranger for a 75% discount.



The people demanded, YouTube delivered. Starting today, you can experience “Snoopavision”, a 360-degree viewing experience of the rapper Snoop Dogg’s life. “Dr Dre has Beats, Jay and Kanye have Tidal, now the world has Snoopavision.”


Popular ridesharing app Lyft released a Prank Mode feature that allows users to easily prank their friends. Pro basketball player Andre Iguodala demonstrated its nefarious use when he tricked fellow Golden State Warrior Festus Ezlei into believing he was released from the team just before playoffs.



Google is at it again. This year, it's offering the world's first completely transparent virtual reality headset. The innovative gadget will be able to see three dimensions in a 360 viewing arc.

Last night Google launched another prank, "Mic Drop," which allowed Gmail users to add a gif of a Minion dropping a mic to the end of their emails and then not see any further responses in the email thread. Google disabled the feature after complaints about how easy it was to accidentally drop the mic on someone.



The insurance giant is now offering election insurance in case your candidate doesn’t win. Moving to Canada has never been easier, and with high-end packages that make your home still seem occupied, you’ll never have to explain yourself to the neighbors.


The hit Broadway musical has the whole nation talking. Sadly, tickets to the show cost an arm and a leg, if you can get them at all. Brokelyn announced this morning the cast would be putting on a free performance in Prospect Park over the summer. 



John Stamos has taken over Netflix. Everyone is seemingly OK with this.