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10 Things You Need to Know from This Past Week

The weekend is finally here. Here are the top stories that you should know before Friday is up. 

1. The Japanese were huge buyers before the crash of the 1990s. Now they're making a comeback. [Bisnow]

2. A low jobs report may push back the potential October interest rate hike by the Fed even further. [MW]

3. Who are the richest guys in real estate—aka living the life? [Bisnow]

4. Surprise, surprise. The largest private real estate fund ever belongs to (drumroll, please) Blackstone with $15.8B. [Bisnow]

5. Let's take a break from Fed rate hike news and talk about the extension of the EB-5 program. [Bisnow]

6. In some sad news, Legendary investor Richard Rainwater passed away this week at age 71. [Bisnow]

7. Here's everything you missed from the Seattle's CREW Network Convention. [Bisnow]

8. Did you know that the Great White North is also a big investor in US assets? [Bloomberg]

9. Here it is: downtown offices versus suburban offices? Who takes the cake? [Bisnow]

10. We all know NYC is the hot spot for foreign investors (with good reason) but what about the rest of the world? [TRD]