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WeWork Wants To Hire 1,500 Refugees Across The Globe Over The Next 5 Years

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Though WeWork has dominated headlines for weeks thanks to recent partnerships to grow its business, the company's latest endeavor focuses on its employees. 


The co-working behemoth has pledged to hire 1,500 refugees worldwide over the next five years in an effort to scale its business globally while also helping refugees resettle. This move follows another announcement that it plans to hire the same number of veterans, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The idea itself was born out of a pilot program WeWork launched early this year in which it partnered with organizations that helped resettle refugees. This led to the hiring of 50 refugees for the position of "community service associate." Employee responsibilities included restocking WeWork offices with necessary products and daytime straightening.

Nearly a year later, 95% of the employees are still working with the co-working company, leading WeWork to consider expanding the program timeline and the positions offered. 

In addition to hiring refugee employees, WeWork will also launch a website that encourages WeWork members to connect with refugees by hiring or mentoring them in the hopes that it will further aid in improving their resettlement and future prospects.