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The eHarmony of Commercial Real Estate: This Startup Finds Your Perfect (Co-Working) Match

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Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match—with my business’ soulmate.

Kinglet CEO and co-founder Alex Kopicki (pictured) says his company does just that, matching companies that have extra office space to startups that want to sublet, making it the “eHarmony of commercial real estate,” as Kopicki calls it. (It actually looks like an Airbnb for co-working space.)

Alex says hosts and tenants have a good idea of who they want to share space with, but small businesses normally have to rely on Craigslist, word-of-mouth, and spotting signs to find their digs. Those methods are painfully slow, especially for tenants wanting the perfect building-mates, Forbes reports. 

Kinglet specializes in startups and markets without the infrastructure to support booming startup communities, particularly in the Midwest—bringing the sharing economy into commercial real estate. 

Alex says, “We’re a startup that’s a champion for startups, providing a service because of the immediate need.” [Forbes]