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Here Are The Odds, And Where To Bet, For Amazon HQ2 Cities

Amazon's Seattle campus

Those who fancy themselves the betting type may want to pay particular attention to the Amazon HQ2 battle.

Paddy Power, a betting website, is accepting bids from risk-takers wanting to get in on the action. The site has ranked several of the top cities and lists each of their chances of winning. Going against a Moody’s Analytics report, which predicted Austin, Texas, could be the winner, Paddy Power ranked Atlanta as being the top contender with a 2-to-1 chance.

Austin has the second-best shot with odds of 3-to-1, Boston has a 6-to-1 chance, Toronto, Canada, was given 7-to-1 odds, Pittsburgh has a 14-to-1 chance and Dallas has a 16-to-1 shot, the Dallas Business Journal reports.

Amazon received 238 proposals from 54 states, provinces and districts across North America last week and is now tasked with sorting through the slew of bids.

The official decision will be made in 2018.