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Look Out Millennials, Gen Z Is Entering The Workforce And Switching Things Up

Move over MillennialsGen Z is on the workforce horizon and it could change office dynamics once again.

Coworking in the old days.

While this new generation, born between the mid-1990s and mid-2000s, is quite similar to millennials, there are some key differences. 

Both grew up with technology and excel at multitasking. Like millennials, Gen Zers are known to be demanding and have little loyalty when it comes to brands. But as Gen Z enters the workforce, what they look for in a career and workplace could differ, Forbes reports.

Gen Zers are known to be more independent than millennials, which could impact the popular open-plan concept and cause employers to resurface closed-off workspaces. Like millennials, Gen Z is adept when it comes to technology, but because they do not know a world without it this generation tends to be even more quick to adapt to technological advances. 

Millennials are known for being entrepreneurial with an estimated 11% wanting to start a business, but 17% of Gen Zers are hoping to run their own company at some point. At the same time, Gen Z grew up watching the effects of the recession on their parents, which means they could make more practical business decisions in pursuit of job security. This could cause a rift between the two generations as millennials are known for choosing work based on the pursuit of happiness rather than the pursuit of a steady paycheck.