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Employee Happiness Will Be An Important Feature For Office Design In 2018

Desk count and usable space are no longer considered the most important features when it comes to leasing office space. Instead, the potential to maintain a happy workforce is moving up as a necessary element for many companies.

Coworking in the old days.

Studies show that happy workers are 12% more productive than their unhappy counterparts, and a happy workforce means a more innovative and profitable business, PropModo reports. With this knowledge in tow, human resources professionals have started walking through potential new office space to help ensure the workplace is up to par to address employee needs. 

In addition to investing in offices that incorporate features such as meditation and game rooms, collaboration spaces and flexible workplace designs that allow employees to choose where they work, businesses are now going above and beyond mere physical elements to focus on the mental health and wellness of employees. 

Industrious co-working space

While some companies have hired chief happiness officers dedicated to employee health and well-being, JLL has developed a Human Experience Model to ensure companies are encouraging happiness with or without a chief happiness officer.

The model contains three categories: engagement, an element that is achieved when employees feels their company places emphasis on both their personal and professional growth and well-being; empowerment, which is achieved when workers have the ability to make decisions; and fulfillment, which is achieved when employees are recognized and rewarded for their work.