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PHILADELPHIA: Millennial Courtship's Changing

National Multifamily

Forget snail mail love notes. Millennials are changing the rules, expecting on-demand service when being romanced by a landlord. Campus Apartments just rolled out Smart.Lease across its 62-property national portfolio, which lets renters complete the application process online in five minutes, CIO Andrew Marshall tells us.  (Use the rest of the time to figure out how to watch the Olympics on your iPad.) The West Philly firm also just partnered up with RoomSync to allow residents to pick their roommates using Facebook. Residents will be able to browse potential roommates based on interests, mutual friends, academic majors, and more. If student renters become used to this kind of choice at their fingertips, imagine the implications when they enter the rental market post-college. (Landlords may draw the line at delivering 4am pizza.)