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4 Free Tools Our Marketing Team Can’t Live Without


A successful marketing campaign is made up of several moving parts. It’s not just about great messaging — it takes smart design, clear, clean copy, engaging data and much more. 

Managing all of these parts may seem like it requires a team of hundreds of digital marketers, but really all it takes is the right tools. Here at Bisnow, we have more than a million dedicated subscribers, and we manage scores of ad campaigns, so we know the tools it takes to keep a CRE marketing plan running smoothly. Here are some of the tools the Bisnow marketing team uses to amp up campaigns. 


As a marketer, there are few worse feelings than sending an email to thousands of subscribers and discovering afterward that it had a glaring typo. While spell check can catch misspelled words, it doesn't always alert users to grammar mistakes or other errors. Use Grammarly, which works as a free Google Chrome extension, for spelling and grammar errors in emails, Google Docs and more as you type. 


CRE trends, opinions and key statistics are always changing. Through Typeform, marketers can create surveys in a matter of minutes to poll their audience and keep up with those changes. These surveys can be easily embedded directly into email or websites. Typeform gives a custom look into consumers’ thoughts and offers a clearer understanding of their needs and wants.

Google Analytics

Digital marketers can work on hundreds of campaigns a year, but it’s important to know which ones are actually providing a solid return on investment so they can know their time is being spent efficiently. Google Analytics works as a tool to collect information about site visitors. It allows marketers to see real-time data and identify engagement trends and patterns in their campaigns. By tracking user traffic and activity, they can gain the data and insights they need for successful CRE marketing efforts.

The day-to-day of a marketer’s life is never easy, but these tools can save them some time while improving their bottom line. 


The CRE industry moves fast and hiring a full-time designer to create new, dazzling campaigns is not always possible. At Bisnow, we use Canva to create impressive, professional graphic designs in under 20 minutes. Canva offers templates to help guide even the newest marketers toward a design that works for them that features a variety of aesthetics and allows for different size ratios specific to various social media channels. The platform is easy to use and helps leverage appealing digital marketing content for success. 

Keep up with Bisnow Marketing Services to learn more about our top tips for success as a CRE marketer. Interested in learning more about leveraging Bisnow’s audience to create your own success stories? Set up a call now with our team here.