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Amazon To Hire 30,000 More Part-Time Workers To Run Its Warehouse Empire

Placeholder Inc. said it will add 30,000 U.S. part-time jobs in the next year as it continues to acquire warehouses and expand its logistic capabilities.

Those jobs will nearly double the company’s total. Amazon has about 40,000 part-time U.S. workers, and 25,000 of the new jobs will be at warehouses, while the other 5,000 will be customer service positions, the Wall Street Journal reports. While the move is in line with the company’s pledge to create 100,000 full-time jobs in the U.S. within the next year, all of these jobs may not qualify.

The e-commerce giant has been rapidly adding to its workforce as it expands its footprint by building warehouses near customers, and it is not alone. In addition to moving closer to dense markets, retailers and e-commerce players are grabbing smaller industrial properties that cover the critical last mile that e-commerce firms need to make same-day delivery a reality.

Amazon employs more than 341,000 people globally, and experts have said every job Amazon creates will likely eliminate up to three other U.S. jobs.