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7 Trends To Transform The Lodging Sector In 2018

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The hotel sector has experienced monumental changes over the past few years with increased competition from Airbnb, the introduction of new technologies and environmental turmoil. Here are seven ways the hotel sector will transform in 2018, according to Bloomberg:


Prices Will Increase

Travelers can expect to see new fees on their hotel bills next year as properties in major markets start adding resort fees to final tabs. This will be most common in regions like New York where travelers have fewer options because of high occupancy rates.

Say Goodbye To Pillow Mints

Although hotels will not be completely obliterating the pillow mint, it will be an optional service moving forward. This new format is being implemented in order to save costs and increase privacy for guests.

IoT Rooms

Technology is seeping into every industry and hospitality is no different. Marriott International recently joined forces with Samsung and French industrial group Legrand to create an Internet of Things Guest Room Lab that will bring personalized experiences to hotel guests within the next five years.

Check-Ins To Become Less Formal

Many hotels have already opted to change the traditional front desk into something more modern, such as a workspace. Others will transition the spaces into casual living rooms to allow for a more relaxed space for weary travelers upon arrival.

Social Activism Will Seep Into Brand Values

As the number of socially conscious travelers grows, hotels are incorporating elements of social activism and community engagement to their offerings. The Eaton Workshop is slated to open in 2018 and will focus on liberal activism and civic engagement, even incorporating speakers' series that discuss issues like climate change and race relations.

Focus On Health And Wellness

Many hotels are investing in partnerships and the acquisition of fitness brands to give guests the ability to maintain their physical health even while traveling. Hyatt Hotels & Resorts acquired wellness resort and spa company Miraval Group in January and added Exhale Spa to some of its locations. This spa will offer barre, yoga and HIIT classes.

Experiential Will Reign

Hotels are offering more than an overnight room stay to guests these days. In addition to the traditional services provided, hoteliers are expected to add even more experiential elements to their properties next year, such as offering guests cooking classes, photography tours and helicopter tours.