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Justin Bieber And Leo DiCaprio Choose Luxury Rentals Over 5-Star Hotels


On Justin Bieber’s recent UK tour he shunned 5-star hotels and opted to stay at luxury rentals, and he’s not alone—celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Tim Burton are doing the same.

Experts say the shift in preferences has nothing to do with hotels lack of top-tier comfort and everything to do with privacy concerns, Mansion Global reports. In response, the number of luxury rental firms is growing, and many of these companies prioritize properties large enough to cater to stars and their entire entourages.

These speciality luxury rental firms put a premium on privacy, oftentimes not even informing their own staff who is staying with them. For hotels, celebrities ditching them just adds insult to injury, especially as they’re struggling to keep occupancy up now that Airbnb is in town. [MG]