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Trump Says He’ll Penalize Firms That Take US Jobs Out Of The Country

President Donald Trump

During a press conference in Indiana, Donald Trump warned US companies they may face severe consequences should they take jobs out of the country.

He did so while praising manufacturer Carrier for rescinding its plans to move 2,000 jobs from its Indianapolis plant to Mexico. Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence worked a deal with the firm to keep 800 factory jobs in the state. The deal consisted of a personal phone call to Carrier’s parent company, United Technologies, and $7M in state tax breaks. In exchange, Carrier opted to keep its Indiana furnace factory open, keeping an additional 300 research and management workers in the state, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Trump used his stage at the Carrier plant to reiterate his criticisms regarding the North American Free Trade Agreement, promising to revise the agreement by lowering corporate tax to 15%, reeling in regulations and implementing penalties like import tariffs for companies that take jobs out of the country.

“Companies are not going to leave the US anymore without consequences,” the president-elect said Thursday. “Leaving the country is going to be very, very difficult.” [WSJ]