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Trump And Pence Are Already Fighting To Keep Manufacturing Jobs In The US

President Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been talking about keeping manufacturing jobs in the United States since day one of his campaign, and before even taking office he’s making good on that promise.

Carrier, the large air-conditioner company that had announced plans nine months ago to outsource 2,000 jobs from Indiana to Mexico, has decided to stay put. Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence cut a deal with the company to keep about 1,000 of those jobs in the state. The two have planned a meeting at the firm’s Indianapolis factory to publicly announce the deal, USA Today reports.

While economists point out that 1,000 jobs is a small number in an economy that’s created an average of 181,000 jobs a month this year, Trump’s action is a symbolic gesture not lost on blue-collar workers. While one deal won’t reverse the structural forces pressuring companies to outsource American labor, this action could foreshadow more of what’s to come from Trump’s presidency. [USA Today]