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Industry Expert Says Data Centers Of The Future Will Be Smaller, Highly Specialized

Data Centers

Experts foresee data centers becoming smaller in the future, and more focused on tasks that enhance a company’s competitiveness.

The data center business is shifting toward making products delivered as a service, according to industry experts. That involves finding the most efficient and cost-effective ways to manage complex computing workloads, like real-time analytics and machine learning.

Kim Stevenson, who will soon lead U.S. and Chinese tech conglomerate Lenovo Group’s data center business, said the key is to build uniquely, the Wall Street Journal reports. Stevenson said traditional workloads are heading to the cloud, and data centers need to stand out by finding ways to add value.

As the industry continues to experience rapid growth, data center players foresee economic and regulatory policy playing a major role in the changes facing the industry, including location selection, square footage and pricing models.